What services do we provide?

■ Additive manufacturing of finished products

Metal products ─ manufactured by SLM / Binder Jet / DED techniques

Resin/plastic/composite products ─ shaped by FDM or photocuring techniques

Hybrid manufacturing ─ making highly complex and geometric precision-requiring workpieces using the features of 3D printing and CNC machining

■ Service of developing additive manufacturing applications

Breaking through the limitation of traditional machine fabrication, additive manufacturing provides designers with more flexibility and different thinking in various fields of application, for example:

  • Mold application
  • CNC tooling application
  • Special mechanical part application
  • Design with light weight and optimization of structure
  • Part repair
Additive manufacturing dissolves the limitation of traditional manufacturing processes and develops possibilities in various fields. Should you have any question or exploration in applications, feel free to contact us at any time!