About us

As materials evolve and dedicated design (e.g., interiorly light weighted lattice structure) and processes adopted along the way, 3D printing began to be unlimitedly possible in every field.

GC Precision Inc. integrates, based on its experience in the related fields over the years, the abilities of development/design/manufacturing and is able to provide swiftest and effective solutions for customers to cater to their need for introducing additive manufacturing. For this purpose, we are capable of:

  • CAD design/Lattice structure design
  • CAD data, mold flow / thermal conduction / stress analysis
  • CAM / CNC machining
  • Making by plastic/resin/composite/metal 3D printing
  • After treatment of printed products (heat treatment / surface treatment)

Don't let convention and the past restrain your imagination! Now and in the future, additive manufacturing is changing everyone's sight while it develops at a rocket-like speed.