Case study

Aerospace industry

For the aerospace industry, how to make parts that are light-weight, high-strength and highly complex at once is a challenge most of the time. GC Precision, in collaboration with academia, is able to make parts light-weight and achieve high performance by design optimization and metal additive manufacturing, whereby to effectively reduce the cost of launching.

  • ■ The application of the feature of additive manufacturing enables the making of the parts in one single process by additive manufacturing to replace those internal channel nozzles that used to take multiple parts to be assembled due to conventional machining cannot achieve in one process, thus eliminating the trouble of tolerance fit among parts while avoiding the problem of fluid leakage.

  • ■ Using products of additive manufacturing (steel/nickel-based alloys) effectively minimizes the problems with weight and space from assembly of parts and can actually be applied in aerospace practice.

  • Besides, the application of composite material is also the trend of aerospace industry. In traditional progress, the shape and form of parts were limited due to the material and label reasons. Now GC utilizes AM progress to make carbon fiber composite parts (long fiber type) which can achieve light weight , high strength and high complex result.

    ■ The long carbon fiber was mixed with special plastic material to make parts in AM progress.

    ■ Inside the part with hollow light-weight design, which is impossible (or difficult) to make in traditional carbon fiber manufacturing progress.